Amicable declaration or police report?

If an accident occurs on the road, and is of sufficient damage and with considerable injuries, it will be the Traffic Guardia Civil who will tend to the accident and carry out the corresponding REPORT, and will also be in charge of the security and calling the medical services.

The doubt surfaces when an accident isn´t of considerable importance, and occurs in an urban area. If the person who has caused the accident acknowledges his/her fault, then they will fill out the amicable declaration. RECOMMENDATION: complete all the details and circumstances of the accident, damages to the vehicle, etc…

If there is any form of disagreement, call the local police at once, and also if the accident is of considerable importance and there are personal injuries.

If you have decided to sign the amicable report, following this advice: Fill this out with clear hand writing, indicate all the details of the vehicle, owner and driver, fill out the top boxes, where it states place and time, and it is important to state clearly the policy number and insurance company of the vehicle and the circumstances of the accident, and you must indicate the damages. and you must indicate the damages. If you are accompanied, you must fill out the form on the back, where you must state the details of the companion, and the damages that have been caused, glasses, watch, clothes, phone, etc. (very frequent when the victim was travelling by motorbike).

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