Traffic accidents

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Traffic accidents

We are solicitors specializing in the Assessment of Traffic Accident victims, whether these have been caused by car, public transport, motorcycle, bicycle or as a pedestrian. We offer the victims of traffic accidents or their family members, assessment to claim their corresponding compensation from the Insurance Company of the vehicle that caused the accident. We advise you to contact our law firm immediately, to request a free consultation. Once we have studied the case, if we consider the possibility of obtaining a positive result, we will take on the case, fighting so that you obtain the highest possible compensation.

We do not work for private insurance companies, therefore we defend your interests without any sort of limitation.

We collaborate with the necessary specialists, such as accident reconstruction specialists, medical surveyors, rehabilitators, psychologists, economists…

In many cases, your own insurance policy, would cover our fees, partially or totally, so we would carry out the necessary formalities for this.


Public administrations, whether this is the local Council or other public organisms, are obligated to compensate a victim when an accident, fall or any form of injury or damage is suffered as consequence of the ill state of the public area. Likewise, the victim has the right to a compensation for the injuries suffered at a public establishment (cinema, restaurant, supermarket, etc…), when said establishment does not act with due precaution. The Consumer and User Law, contains special rules to protect consumers.


Request an appointment as soon as possible, to start the necessary process, and prepare the evidence that will help obtain the correct compensation.

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