Property purchase and sale

Property purchase and sale

Why we recommend this:

  • As independent solicitor, we will fight for your interests, checking that the property that you are going to purchase is completely free of any charges or embargos. If the situation does not have a solution, you would be advised not to purchase the property.
  • Guarantee, that the purchase that is being carried out is correct, avoiding future surprises (for example, that the property does not have any urban sanctions or fines, something which is quite frequent in this area in Spain).
  • • The solicitor that assess you, will carry out all tax settlement formalities, will accompany or represent you at the Notary Public, and will handle the issue until the property in duly inscribed in the Land Registry. Taking out all the individualized utility contracts (electricity, water…) as well as creating direct debit for the payment of the Community fees.
  • You will be assessed in relation to all present and future taxes that you will be liable for, during the time of the purchase or in future years. This firm offers assessment in the preparation of these taxes.
  • Before signing any document to purchase or sell a property with an estate agency, consult with your solicitor, in some cases, even the signing of a simple reservation document obligates and ties you to an estate agency in an undesirable way, or a purchase without the guarantees that it should have.

Before the private purchase/sale agreement, or the granting of the Title Deeds at the Notary.

We check:

  1. The title holder (physical person or company), percentage or share of the registered ownership.
  2. If they are the title holder, and if they are authorized to sell or purchase.
  3. Situation of property charges: Urban, mortgage, judicial embargoes, administrative embargoes, or of any other nature.
  4. Payment situation with the Owners Community, if the vendors are up to date with the payments.
  5. Making sure all local taxes have been paid.
  6. Making sure all utility invoices have been paid: water, electric, gas, telephone, etc… and carrying out the corresponding change in title holder for the contracts.

Preparation of the document that will be signed at the Notary:

  • Property transmission tax, or in the case, VAT (depending if the property is new or not). These taxes are always paid by the buyer.
  • Notary´s fees (once the public document has been granted, the Notary Public´s fees must be paid).
  • Inscription in the Land Registy (equally fixed by the State).


If you are purchasing a property off a non tax resident, the vendor will have an amount withheld, which must be paid to the Tax Office. We will carry this out for you also at our Firm.

We also point out, that the solicitor is specially recommended when we are not only purchasing or selling a property, but they are also necessary to coordinate this transaction with a number of factors that can arise during your lifetime.

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