Work accidents

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Work accidents

Lots of traffic accidents take place when a victim is on their way to or from their work place, this is what you call “in itinere” accidents, which means that you must fight to obtain compensation through civil and also the labour branch of the law, if this applies.


If a work-related accident has taken place, contact the local or national police, so that they carry out the necessary report on the accident. It is very important that this is done immediately after the accident, as during the course of time certain details of the accident can be lost. The Work Inspection department must also be contacted, which will have to carry out a TECHNICAL INSPECTION.


So that the employee can obtain the corresponding compensation, they will have to contact the specialist Solicitor, who will file a proceeding. As these are specific matters, we always recommend specialized solicitors.

We rely on staff with long professional career paths also, in order to act with the maximum guarantee in any claim, whether this is carried out through the Courts or extrajudicially.

Medical Surveyors: of recognised prestige, of different branches of Medicine, specialists and experts in evaluating bodily harm (Traumatologists, Neurosurgeons, Psychiatrists, etc..). Engineers specialising in Traffic Accident Reconstruction: In some of these cases, it will be necessary to carry out the reconstruction of the accident, or biomechanical proof will be necessary to refute evidence submitted by the insurance company. Economists: to guarantee the amount of the compensation, due to economic loss.

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