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We collaborate with our clients closely and with confidence. We believe that this requires on our part a creative, dynamic, direct and personal assistance to the client, understanding their problems, providing the appropriate solutions efficiently and quickly, as well as permanently controlling the expenses that are generated.

Solicitors in Nerja

Aynat Solicitors

Aynat & Aynat Solicitors, was established in the Costa del Sol in 1987, providing legal services, which have been reinforced with the opening of our office in Almería.

The main characteristic of this family-based Law Firm, which is made up of multilingual staff: Spanish, English, Swedish, French, Flemish and German and in which other solicitors assist as collaborators, inside or outside our firm; is the individual, personalized and highly professional service that we give our clients due to the specialties of each and every member of this firm.

The firm also collaborates with lawyers, interpreters, court experts and solicitors throughout Spain as well as in other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and other countries, as our clientele is very varied, with clients from Spain and other countries.



We provide legal services in many languages, we specialize in difficult matters.

We assess you with injuries caused by a fall on the public walk way.
We draft contracts, contractual breaches and interpretation problems.
We provide tax assessment regarding the “donation tax”