Who inherits if there isn´t a will?

In the case that there wasn´t a will, the Law establishes who are the heirs of the deceased.

In first place, there is the descendants. When there are children, they will be inheritors in equal parts, and in the case of their demise, it would be the grandchildren. It does not matter if these children are biological or adopted, nor if they have been conceived in wedlock or out of it.

If there are no descendants, the ancestors will receive the inheritance, that is, the parents. When one of them no longer lives, the other one will obtain all the assets. If both have passed away, the inheritance will pass on to the grandparents.

After this, the spouse, which in the case that there was no will, they would only inherit if there were no descendants or ancestors.

In fourth place, in the absence of the others, the inheritors would be the siblings, which would heirs in equal parts. If any one of them had passed away, their children – nieces or nephews of the deceased – would receive this corresponding share.

Finally, in the family line, are the cousins.

If there aren´t any either, then the inheritance would pass to the State.

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